This page breaks down individual skills and abilities, or senses, that are covered by the blanket term of psychic. These are the senses that extend beyond the range or limits of the normal or ordinary physical senses.

Remote Viewing


Clairsentience, Clairalience, Clairambience
Empaths, Empathic


  Clairvoyance, like the word psychic, is oftentimes used as a blanket term to describe all sixth senses.  In actuality, it is the ability to see metaphysically.  The visions occur in two different ways.  For most, clairvoyant visions happen like viewing a picture or a movie in the mind...something like a daydream.  From this, clairvoyants are able to gather information about people, spirits, environments, or whatever scene they are being shown. Other clairvoyants are able to literally see spirits.

  What is important to beginners here, is that if you are not comfortable literally seeing spirits, it is possible to ask for this to be delayed until you are prepared for it, because for some it may be somewhat startling.  Keep in mind that if you do see spirits literally, they are not there to harm you.  Chances are, they are attracted to your brightening and expanding aura and are aware of your abilities.

Remote Viewing

  Remote viewing is the ability to see scenes in progress at a distance.  These scenes appear in the mind just like clairvoyant visions, but the difference is that what is seen is something on this plane.  This is a useful skill to psychic investigators and to remote/distance healers as well.   It is a form of astral projection.  (More on astral travel/projection).


  Whereas clairvoyant visions occur naturally, visualizations are created intentionally.  The images are the same in both cases in that they are seen as a picture in the mind.  Doing visualization exercises is a great way to strengthen clairvoyant visions. Visualization is a necessary ingredient to meditation and is very useful in self-healing as well.  Images that are visualized may be transmitted to people acting as receivers through visual telepathy. 


  Telepathy is the ability to communicate by transference of thoughts between a sender and receiver.  What is sent may simply be ideas that are transmitted, but it is also possible to send visualizations, and physical senses.


  Clairaudience is the ability to hear in a similar fashion to clairvoyance, except that the sounds or spoken words are like thoughts rather than pictures.  Trusting what you are hearing is the largest stepping stone in developing your clairaudience.  Again, some clairaudients are able to literally hear words, but this is not as common, because the frequencies between our planes tend to distort the sounds and it is difficult to hear clearly.  If you do have an audible experience, you may expect something such as a voice to come across as high-pitched, or squeaky, or broken.  What are more commonly heard might be: a rapport (like a loud sonic boom, which you will undoubtedly recognize as such when no one else is aware of it), music, humming or whistling, single noises or words (perhaps your name being said).



  Clairsentience is being able to experience the physical sensations of another.  You may feel sensations of physical pain or discomfort, such as feeling headaches or nausea. This sense is especially useful to mediums when spirits are passing along messages. It may also be encountered in meditations.  Some people also incorporate experiencing entities emotions as well, while some separate this completely into the category of empathy.

  Additionally, the term clairsentience is frequently used to cover the other senses of smell and taste even though they are as individual as our ordinary senses.  Experiencing smells is clairalience, which some refer to as clairoma and sensing tastes is known as clairgustance or clairambience. 

Empaths, Empathic

  Although everyone can be sympathetic and most people can be empathetic, it is a having a strong awareness and sensitivity to the emotions of others that makes one empathic.  Empaths experience these emotions of other people intensely and rapidly, and usually without being told or seeing any leading information. It is essentially like telepathy, but with emotions, not thoughts.

  There are differing opinions on the where the line between clairsentience and empathy lay.  Some people prefer to use clairsentience when the emotions sensed revolve around a metaphysical experience (i.e. in communicating with spirits) and to use empathy in reference to people on this plane.  Others prefer to group any emotions communicated as clairsentience, just as some prefer to group any emotions communicated as empathy.  Still others use the two terms interchangeably.  In any case, whether you choose to distinguish or not, it's important to use a term that is comfortable to you.


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