Spirituality is defined as the quality of relating to religious values, sacred matters, or to supernatural phenomena and beings.  If you asked ten different people what spirituality means to them, you are likely to get ten varied responses, based on their own values and beliefs, their upbringing, or daily and cultural influences.  The fact is, we are all spiritual beings and our own spirituality is as individual as we are.  Those who consider themselves truly spiritual will usually tell you it involves a connection of their own soul with something larger than themselves...to all others, to the Universe, and/or to their Creator.

  Following a religion may be a part of many individual's spiritual experience, but it is not mandatory.  Spirituality is something that grows and emanates from within.  One may find that a religion will nurture their spirituality, sometimes it may even spark it, but religion does not create spirituality.  It is as much a trait as kindness or generosity.  

  What it comes down it is this: whether Buddhist, Christian, Islamic, or Wiccan, our religious beliefs are simply that - our own.  While on the other hand, our spirituality, despite how personal it is,  is something that might be shared gracefully.  No matter how you define it personally, or how you choose to nurture or develop it, it is encompassed by goodness and love.  

  A spiritual path is truly an enlightening one.  May you be blessed with love and light on yours.



Suggested Links:

Beliefnet  Site exploring diverse aspects of spirituality.

Inner Self Magazine  Offers a variety of articles on spiritual topics.

Love is All There Is  Article by William DeVore.

Recommended Reading:

    Sanaya Roman.  Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self.  1989. HJ Kramer, 
       Inc.  The third book in a series of channeled information from Roman's guide, 
       Orin.  An excellent resource for getting in touch with your own higher being.  
       Meditations end each chapter for practical application to aid in personal 

    Gary Zukav.  The Seat of the Soul.  1989. Fireside.  A thought-provoking book 
       that illustrates how important it is to grow in love and light, and to develop all 
       of our senses.




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"A little faith will bring your soul to heaven, but a lot of faith will bring heaven to your soul."  

~Dwight L. Moody

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