Grounding and Protection


  Grounding and protection are essential practices of people dealing with the metaphysical. These practices are beneficial in our everyday lives.  As our auras and energies brighten, grow, and strengthen, more beings, on this plane and the spiritual will be attracted.  This means that not only more positive energies will be encountered, but more negative ones as well.  What it comes down to is learning visualizations or meditations in order to have control over our own energies, which in turn will guard us from unwanted influences.  You have the ability to protect others too, so you may visualize a protection for someone else, or include them in yours if you're with them at the moment.

  There are many methods for grounding and protecting.  The key is to find ones that appeal and are comfortable to you personally.  It is also possible to modify elements of these visualizations to suit you best.  You will feel if they are working for you or not.  Grounding practices are found in many books written by psychics, or even online.  A couple of the most common groundings are described briefly below.

  The Tree.  Visualize that you are a tree, your feet are flat on the ground, root yourself to the earth...your roots growing deeper and deeper into the earth.  Your arms are branches reaching toward the sky.  You soak in the bright, warm, white light from the sky with each breath you take.  It flows through your leaves, branches, trunk to your roots nourishing and strengthening you.  As the light spreads through you it presses out any negative energy out through ends of your roots, fertilizing the earth and in turn strengthening your hold in the ground.

  The Anchor.  Visualize yourself with a cord tied to each of your ankles and to your tailbone.  Run these three cords to the center of the earth and anchor them by tightly tying them to three separate boulders.  Feel the healing, nourishing, green light of the earth running up the cords through your feet, your legs and torso to your heart.  Now see the glittering white light of God just above your head...entering you through the top of your head, spreading down through your body to your heart.  Here these light swirl together, expand and overflow, up and out through the top of your head.  Flowing down over your body; encircling you completely.  (*).

Protection and Cleansing

  Once you've done your chosen grounding method, you will have a freshly energized auric field and should follow with a cleansing and protecting visualization.  This will rid you, as much as possible, of the negative energies you've absorbed and strengthen your auric field barrier to protect you against new negative energies.

  The cleansing part of the visualization is fairly simple...choose a cleaning method...whether it's a dust rag, a mini-vacuum, or even a toothbrush.  Then focus your thoughts in your mind.  If you see any visions of people or sense emotions that are negative and not your own, simply wipe, suction, or scrub them clear.  Then send the cleaning object away from your body...explode it and send the particles back to whomever the negative energy came from with love and light.  Use as many cleaning objects as you need to get the job done. You will feel lighter and happier by the time you're finished. 

  Now continue on with a protection visualization.  For many the simplest thing to do is see and feel the glittering white light of God pouring in through the top of you head, filling you and then expanding outward from your body until you're surrounded in this protective cloud or bubble.

   *If you'd like to add a protection visualization to The Anchor visualization you may continue, once your body is encompassed by the light, by visualizing the outer edge of this light 'envelope' as a fine white line of light, which grows and expands further outside your body, sealing you in a protective cloud or bubble with this white light of God.  If you opt to add this on, remember though that no cleansing was done, so you will seal in any negative energies at this time and will want to cleanse them out at a later time.

    There are many visualizations for protection, so again, choose one that makes sense and is comfortable to you.  The White Light Visualization, which was mentioned above, is a very common one.  Some people prefer using a sparkling golden light rather than white, while others prefer that the light enters through their solar plexus rather than the top of the head.

  Other variations include:

  The Circle of Mirrors. Surround yourself in a circle of white mirrors with the reflective side facing away from you.  This will allow positive 'white' energies in and with reflect any dark energies.

  The Dome. Seal yourself inside a protective glass dome which is illuminated by the white light of God.  A variation is to visualize jumping into a glass globe or bubble.

  Oftentimes you will feel physical sensations, such as warmth or shivers or an increased energy, in conjunction with practicing these methods.  If you do, then great!  It's a sign being given to you that it is working well.  Some people feel emotionally comforted, or an increased sense of happiness.  In general, you will know it's working...just pay attention to the subtle signs.

  One note on grounding.  Please do not use a method that asks you to ground your palms to the earth.  This is a method that should be used for something called 'emptying' when you are working with chakras.  If you do this to ground, odds are you will start experiencing headaches.  Likewise with other methods, if one is bringing you's not working correctly.  Look for a new option.

  How often should you ground?  The best idea is to try to stay grounded, so you may do this as often as you like or need to do it.  Once you're accustomed to your methods, you will soon be able to easily sense when you're grounded or not.  When you're first doing this, it's likely you will need to ground more frequently than someone who has been practicing this on a regular basis for a long time.  Some people like to ground each morning as they first set their feet on their floor when they're rolling out of bed.  Others ground and protect when they know they are going to need it, or when they're putting themselves into situations where they're likely to encounter more negative energies.  A sure sign that you need to is if you're feeling negative energies coming to you.

  In a pinch, if you suddenly are experiencing an outside negative energy, just quickly surround yourself with white light.  A quick way to release negative energy is to visualize that every breathe you take in is the white light of God and every time you exhale you're breathing out the black negative energy. 






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