Amy's Story


06 January 02

I just wanted to share an exciting thing--THIS IS REAL!!!!!

That may sound silly to those who are very confident in their abilities, but this is a revelation to me. I am never quite sure if I am making things up, because I want them to be so, or if it is actually happening.

Last night, I was meditating to try to see my spirit guide, Sam, and I was having some real problems. I couldn't get myself very deep into the meditative state, and when I did, my imagination would take over. I was raised very conservative Christian, and so some small part of me insists that this is evil. Things kept turning into demons, and werewolves jumped out at me from the path in the woods. I was very disturbed and upset. My healing guide, Connie, tried to help me, but I was so upset that she was hard to hear.  Sam told me that there was someone else I should meet. I didn't think I could handle meeting someone else, since I was so freaked out about meeting just one person! Sam assured me it would be okay. I met Barbara, who goes by Bobbie.  This is the exciting part. I WOULD NOT HAVE MADE UP THAT NAME!!!! If I wanted a character called Bobbie, I would have made her name Babette, or Roberta, or something like that. It would never have occurred to me that Bobbie could be a nickname for Barbara. Therefore, I did not make it up. It was outside of me. This was all real.  Bobbie told me she was going to help me with my problems. I said okay, and INSTANTLY we (Sam, Connie, Bobbie, and me) were all in the clearing in the woods.

More proof that this was real.
She kept my imagination from stealing the show. I even tried a couple of times to change images. The new image would appear for an instant, and then go away. She held me deeper in the meditative state than I had been able to get. She taught me how to see more clearly what was going on.

How could I learn something from someone I made up? Impossible.  When we were done for the night, she walked me out of the meditative state (back through the path in the woods, even into the hallway), so I wouldn't get that woozy feeling from coming back up too fast.  
So I'm growing, and learning, and having a fantastic time. And I know, for a fact, that this is real.










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