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  To the majority of the population, the word psychic is used as a general term in reference to those who perform psychic readings for people.  More definitively, psychics are those individuals with metaphysical skills, abilities or senses.  What most people don't realize, is that everyone is psychic.  It's just that not everyone has the same depth of these senses.  Lots of people will admit to having good intuition or that they sometimes rely on that little voice in their head or on their gut instincts.  They're psychic too.  It's just that they're not yet practiced at their psychic abilities is all. 

  For those of us that have come to the point of purposefully seeking to learn, to grow and to expand our senses and knowledge that is related to our metaphysical skills, the word "psychic" is usually used in reference to those of us on a recognized path to spiritual enlightenment.  It is a general term that covers people who display one or more of the advanced senses, such as clairvoyance or clairaudience.  Oftentimes psychics elect to use their developed senses in order to provide insight and guidance to others.

  Psychics typically will use their strongest senses in their work helping others.  So you will find psychics that use any and all combinations of the senses and skills, such as clairvoyance and remote viewing and empathy.  Although some psychics simply work using their clairvoyant and related senses in psychic readings, many psychics elect to use tools (such as tarot cards) or practiced methods (such as psychometry) in addition.  (Please refer to the Methods of Divination section).

  There are many possibilities for applying psychic abilities.  Outside of doing private psychic life readings for people, options include, but are not limited to:  media psychics, mediums, psychic investigators, profilers, teachers, therapists and counselors, and healers.  Psychics come from all different backgrounds and ethnicities; they have a wide variety of career paths and interests.  The only absolute thing it seems that all true psychics have in common is that they will never claim 100% accuracy, because they are all aware the future is ever changing.



  Mediums, or Channels, are those who are able to use their psychic abilities to communicate with the Other Side, with spirits and/or with other entities.  All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums.

  Mediumship is accomplished by different methods:  conscious channeling, trance channeling, and automatic writing.  Conscious channelers use the senses, such as clairvoyance and clairaudience, to relay messages to people from loved ones that have passed, from spirit guides, or from other entities.  Trance channelers go into a hypnotic state so that the spirit may use the body of the medium to pass along messages. With the exception of a few rare instances, this is done by the will of the medium...spirits don't automatically jump in and start speaking.  Automatic writers channel messages by writing or typing messages in which either the spirit directs the writing hand (as was the case with Ruth Montgomery, the most well-known channeler to date), or the spirit will telepathically pass the information to the medium as they write.

  Some people choose to separate the terms medium and channeler to pertain to different things.  These people will say that mediums are those who only communicate with 'lower level spirits'...meaning those who do readings for passed spirits.  Then they reserve the term channeler for those who communicate with spirit guides and 'higher level entities' (angels for example).  This is most likely a case of those individuals feeling the need to discern who is being channeled or simply a matter of ego, because no matter what information is being relayed, it is done using the same senses and methods.


Psychometrists, Astrologists, Numerologists, Dowsers and Scryers are those psychics who use the related Method of Divination.  More information on these practices can be found in the Methods of Divination section.





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