Healing is an area of psychic interest that appeals to many.  Although some psychics elect to practice healing, whether physical or emotional, as a means of helping others, it is possible to learn and use self-healing techniques effectively as well.  

  There are as many different Methods of Healing as there are Methods of Divination.  Again, when exploring these, read, learn, assess and then explore those methods which seem most appealing to you and if at all possible, those which you may have someone mentor you.  Alternative healing has been proven to heal many non-life threatening problems such as allergies, phobias, headaches, and body pains.

  Just a few of the methods of alternative healing include:  healing with crystals, chakra healing, dream work, healing with runes, healing with candles, aromatherapy, self-healing, distance healing, hypnotherapy (and past-life regressions), acupuncture, acupressure, shamanic healing, Sai and Reiki healing.  

  As a note, alternative methods of healing are not a substitute for traditional medicine, especially with serious illness.  They must be taken seriously and if you are interested in healing yourself using holistic methods, by all means, consult your physician and try to work on a program combining methods.  If your physician is skeptical, there are many licensed physicians today that practice traditional medicine in conjunction with holistic healing.  Ask for a referral to speak with one.




Recommended Links:

Sai Healing Site  Distance and personal healing offered by a certified
 and experienced psychic healer, Igor Zatulovsky.

Suggested Reading: 

  Caroline Myss, Ph.D.  Why People Don't Heal and How They Can.  1997. 
      Three Rivers Press. New York.  Holistic healing and focus on the 
      relationship between chakras and illness and healing.  One of several 
      publications on healing by Dr. Myss.




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"Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity."







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