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  Spirit Guides, Angelic Guardians, Angels.  Many people these days are aware that they have someone watching over them.   Most everyone at some point has credited their 'intuition' , 'natural instinct', or an 'inner voice' for helping out at some point in their lives, without considering where these thoughts come to us from.  There are two truths here that need to be addressed.  First, whether you call them your guardians, guides, or angels or refer to them by name, or even if you don't yet feel their presence, everyone has them.

 Second, and equally important, our spirit guides are here to guide, assist and encourage us.  They hold nothing but the highest of intentions for us.  However, they are not here to take responsibility for us, to learn our life lessons for us,  to give us all the answers we may wish we had, nor to give us material possessions.  They love us enough to allow us our own free will and the right to make our own mistakes.

  Communicating with your spirit guides can be one of the most rewarding and important parts of your spiritual evolvement.  As you learn to hear their messages through telepathy, meditation, clairaudience, or other means, you will discover that their presence is comforting and that developing your friendship and partnership with them will greatly assist you on your spiritual path.  Although, by human nature, we will rarely be able to take all of their advice, we can come to realize that we are never alone and that they will continue to guide us despite which choices we make by our own free will.

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