Suggestions for Beginners


  Listed here is a compilation of suggestions to keep in mind when getting started on your psychic and spiritual path.  A few FAQ's and Recommended Reading follow.  This section may be updated as new questions are posed to us.

Compilation of Suggestions
Recommended Reading

Compilation of Suggestions

  • Read books and articles.  Learn and be open to new ideas.  Remember everyone has something to offer, so it won't hurt to at least listen.

  • Search for methods that feel comfortable to you.  This goes for divinatory practices, as well as meditations, groundings, etc.  Take what works best and go with it.

  •  Practice, practice, practice.

  • Try various methods (however, not all at once) to find those that suit you and your abilities the best.  Versatility is useful and stimulating. 

  • While developing your abilities, be open to what comes to you.  Not everyone is meant to be a psychic reader. 

  • Take in all the information coming to you, assess it, then keep what is useful and throw out the rest or save it for later.  Only you can know and feel what is right and necessary to you on your path at any given point.

  • Meditate.  Even if you don't have 'time' to do a full meditation, try at the least to quiet and still yourself for a couple minutes each day...feel the energy of the world surrounding you.

  • Use care and caution.  Learn to ground and protect yourself.

  • Seek mentors.  Find someone you trust, someone who listens and hears you, and someone who offers a positive light.  If you're unsure of something or have questions be sure to ask.

  • Above all else, trust in yourself.  Be accepting of who you are.  Don't give up on your development, because we all hit plateaus. And, as cliché as it may be, try to stay positive.


Frequently Ask Questions

What's happening to me?
  Spiritual awakening manifests itself in many ways.  Common signs include:  being over-emotional, head tingling, inexplicable sudden fluctuations in body temperature, inexplicable jitters (like being nervous with no reason for it), change in sleep patterns (whether restlessness or insomnia).

When will I be a reader?
       Everyone develops and recalls abilities at their own pace.  Relax and let things flow.  Pressuring yourself to develop will only cause blocks.  Also, keep in mind that not everyone is intended to be a reader or a medium...keep your options open and consider all the possibilities:  personal readers, psychic counselors, mediums, writing channelers, media psychics, psychic investigators, psychic profilers, teachers, healers. More importantly, work to use your abilities to grow your own spirituality.  By being true to yourself you will be helping others in turn.

How can I tell if I'm psychic?
Everyone is psychic, however, everyone has strengths and weaknesses in their abilities and not everyone is on the same time line.  Children are exceptionally receptive, but over time skills that are not nurtured, not recognized, or worse, are ridiculed, usually end up being blocked out.  Those few who 'have been psychic since childhood' have the fortune to have been able to avoid these blocks.  It is not uncommon for adults in their 30's, 40's or 50's even, to suddenly begin their development.  Things happen in the right place and time.


Recommended Reading:

  Sylvia Browne.  Adventures of a Psychic. 1990. Hay House.  If you aren't sure
       what all those occurrences throughout your life have been, reading this book
       might shed some light. 

  Laura Day.  Practical Intuition.  1996.  Villard. This guide has a series of
       exercises intended to assist in opening self to natural abilities.  Good 
       resource for those skeptical of their own psychic potentials.  Fun and 
       practical exercises for those wanting an extra way to practice when first 
       getting started.





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"Begin today!  No matter how feeble the light, let it shine as best it may.  The world may need just that quality of light which you have."    

 ~Henry C. Blinn








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